Faraz Anwar was supposed to work on the project “The Dreamer Awakes”

Guns N’ Roses and #Faraz-Anwar were supposed to work on the project #The-Dreamer-Awakes, says Pakistan’s master of progressive rock himself. The peace through music project which is now in the hands of #Atif-Aslam was supposed to be in Faraz’ hands.

Faraz Anwar (Mizraab)
Faraz Anwar (Mizraab)

He was completely furious about the project he started as he has been cut off without even giving him any credit. He added, “Some people take information from you and cut you off from something you started without even giving you credit.”

Atif who is now collaborating with popular American rock band, Guns N’ Roses and is the face of the ‘Pakistan America Peace Through Music Project‘, was chosen by the musician turned humanitarian Todd Shea. Atif says, “Todd mentioned my voice being the main reason why he chose me the face of the project. After listening to me, he became a fan and then he started researching on me and found out that this guy is famous.”


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