Swaras – Jo Tum Kaho [Download Audio/Video]

Artist: #Swaras
Song: Jo Tum Kaho
[Download Audio] [Download Video]

Watch “Jo Tum Kaho” Video:
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About The Band:
Swaras (literal English translation: “The seven notes of the scale (swaras)”) is a semi classical pop/rock band from Toronto, Canada, formed in June 2009 by Asad R. Qizilbash who is also the lead vocalist and composer of the band’s music.






4 responses to “Swaras – Jo Tum Kaho [Download Audio/Video]”

  1. Sanwal Avatar

    now Music Video of "Jo Tum Kaho" is also available for DOWNLOAD (scroll above for more)

  2. Sanwal Avatar

    @Asif- its more then amazing 🙂

    1. Asif Avatar

      Very true bro, I am in love with their music, waiting for the next one…

  3. Asif Avatar

    Damn, have you heard their full track… Amazinggggggggg….

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