Waada By Raeth (Download MP3)

Waada By Raeth (Download MP3)

Artist: Raeth The Band
Song: Waada
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Song Info:
Its all about giving your loved one your life and happiness and at the same time taking away his/her sorrows with you , forever .. !
Telling the person how much you love them telling them how much you care .. !
Giving them all the love in the world ..
Asking God to give you their sorrows ..
Missing them like hell day and night when you are not with them .. !
Praying that the both of you never fall apart nothing comes between you and you stay together .. forever .. !
Giving the person you love all the love in the world ..
Promising to keep all your promises ..
Promising to never let them go ..
Being there for them forever . .
Being their heartbeat .. Their Life ..
Never leaving them alone ..
A Promise you make tO keep all your promises you made to them ..

Thats why this beatyful trazk is called WAADA ..

These are only the few words i can find to explain such a beautyful song .. !
Cause words are unable to describe its deepness ..

At the moment Raeth is really busy shooting the video
its all about how much you can love the person …
about the limits of loving someone ..
Loving someone Unconditionally ..

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