Celebrities at Hajj: Atif Aslam, Reema, Maheen, Amir Adnan & Nomi Ansari

We wish all of our pious performers a great Hajj experience and a safe return!

It’s been an extremely busy season for fashion and entertainment in Pakistan (despite all odds) and it promises to end on a very promising, spiritual note for many of its fraternity members. An unprecedented number of designers, actors and musicians are off for the holy pilgrimage as we speak.

Maheen Khan, barely having dealt with post fashion week exhaustion, was very worried before departing with her husband Shahid. Her concern: people were warning her that it was very easy to lose your way amongst the millions of worshippers! She was advised to stay close to her group.

Designers Amir and Huma Adnan also left on Thursday, barely after touching down from California where they had been participating in a series of fund raising fashion shows. Their last text message before departing very humbly asked forgiveness from anyone they may have hurt.

Couturier Nomi Ansari is also in Mecca as we speak. He left for Hajj with the rest of his troupe and took with him the hundreds of wishes that his friends left for him on his facebook page. Hisfashion week collection may have been very black but white (as in the colour of the ihraam) turned out to be Nomi’s pick of the season!

Speaking of troupes, film actress Reema is also reportedly performing the Hajj this year and that too with Dr Aamir Liaquat’s group. Reema reportedly spoke to the media before leaving, saying she would pray for the peace and progress of the country. Good for you Reema and it makes us wonder if Meera will be follow Reema’s footsteps and perform Hajj next year. Maybe she’ll even do it with Junaid Jamshed’s group to be one up on her ’senior’!

Last but not least, Atif Aslam’s fans will be pleased to know that the singer – after delivering a fabulously hit number in Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani – is also doing his Hajj this year.

We wish all of our pious performers a great Hajj experience and a safe return!

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