Farhad Humayun launches ‘The System’

Farhad Humayoun (founder of OVERLOAD band)
Farhad Humayoun (founder of OVERLOAD band)

In an unprecedented but necessary move, drummer Farhad Humayoun of Overload, has launched ‘The System’ which he describes as a “platform for musicians to perform”. The first show, which took place in Lahore over the weekend, featured Overload and Co-VEN. And Farhad says, “it is just the beginning”.

This ambitious project basically means that musicians will come together and do shows. The lack of organisers and investment in the industry will no longer hold the musicians back. These shows will not be restricted to big names in the music business alone – young artists will have a chance to perform as well. “I am talking to sponsors right now. Lahore was the first step. In January, we will start shows in Karachi also. The fact is that there aren’t enough avenues for live musicians. The kind of big shows that used to happen earlier can’t happen now because of the current situation in the country,” explains Farhad.

Taking the concept of DIY (Do it Yourself) to another level, Farhad has taken an initiative that will impact the music industry as a whole. Noori, Mauj, Fuzon, Zeb and Haniya among many others are onboard.

Not just restricted to live music shows, The System will be shot as a documentary – all the shows over the next few months – and will be sent to film festivals around the world. The show might make it to television also. And all the songs performed at these upcoming shows will be recorded and mixed in a studio and released as a compilation album. Just imagine an album like Daur-e-Junoon but with a bunch of artists and genres.

The timing makes perfect sense. In the aftermath of Mumbai attacks and the ongoing tension between India and Pakistan, musicians may no longer have India as a platform, at least not for the time being. Until things settle down, The System might be the catalyst that is necessary for the growth of the music industry. So music fans, watch out. We just might have some live shows after all!





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