Pakistani Prez and PM to attend Adnan’s father’s funeral at Islamabad

Adnan Sami’s father Arshad Sami Khan’s last wish was to be buried near his home in Islamabad. His funeral is to be held in the afternoon on Friday June 26. Pakistan’s president Asif Ali Zardari and the Prime Minister Syed Yosaf Raza Gilani are expected to attend Arshad Sami’s state funeral in Islamabad. “He will be getting a full state funeral with a 21-gun salute send-off. And yes the Prime Minister and Prez are coming. My mom, son and brother are flying to Karachi from Mumbai on Thursday and from there we take a connecting flight to Islamabad where the burial will take place on Friday after the Jumma prayers,” said the heartbroken singer. “You know he died on my brother’s birthday. We did our best for him. My only regret is that we could spend only fifteen minutes of his last moments when we could’ve been with him much longer if my dear wife hadn’t chosen that morning to visit our home. But I guess God is watching.” After his father’s death on Monday June 22, Adnan immediately contacted the Indian government to allow him to fly to Islamabad. “The Indian authorities have been exceptionally co-operative and a wonderful support to me and my family in this hour of distress. I can’t thank them enough,” said Adnan emotionally.





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