Veena Malik to Shortlist Candidates for Her Wedding?

So it seems Veena Malk has been the talk of media, from quite some time now. All controversies and scandalization aside, it seems Veena has moved on for good; as she is busy short listing candidates for her ‘wedding’ on Indian television.

Her prospective grooms bathed her with numerous gifts when she met them for the first time.

Veena tweeted, “And a beautiful surprise got so many presents from the prospective grooms(sic).”

Although she is quite glad, she is finding it not easy to pick one amongst a number of attractive men who have sent in their application to be her husband. “Was so difficult to short list among so many good looking n smart guys..short listed 116 among thousands of entries! have to select final 16!(sic),” Veena wrote on a blogging site.

Veena has a hard task in her hand. She will have to short list 16 of the 116 entries! Veena seems to be ready to enter matrimony and a tad bit desperate don’t you think?






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