Yeh Pal (OST Aasma) by Call – download audio mp3

Yeh Pal (OST Aasma) by Call Band
Yeh Pal (OST Aasma) by Call Band

Song: Yeh Pal
Band: Call The Band (Pakistan)
Movie Ost: Aasma 2008 (bollywood)

Remix of Yeh Pal is also available

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5 responses to “Yeh Pal (OST Aasma) by Call – download audio mp3”

  1. $!$!$kainat...... Avatar

    and plz

    release ur new album sooooooooon

    waiting anxiously

    for ur next rock:) 🙂

  2. $!$!$kainat...... Avatar

    yar call band rokkkkkks

    i love the song

    and also love the singer:)

    call band is just sweeeet nd graceful……..

    keep it up guys

    such a powerful song

    its kool

    shukar ho pakistani singeron ko bhi kuch ata hai

    warna kuch singeron ne to pakistan ki mitti paleet ki hui hai

    like naseebo lal and e.t.c

    guys but u should keep up this effort nd inshaallah tusi jhande gaar lavo ge he he he:)

    plz send me the video of this song on

    my id plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    and plz do osme more kool

    and gracefull songs

    ***call band roks yarrr***


  3. Joseph Grecco Avatar
    Joseph Grecco

    Really Nice song………I love it………

  4. mobin Avatar

    call shud realli focus on their next album…nd tryy to remain de “rock” band everyone luvss..

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