Amber Feroz Fashion Collection 2010 [Pictures]

Amber Feroz the lyrical lilt of his name encompasses the entire shades of dawn’s spectrum – from deep Feroz blue to the warmth of the Sun’s awakening in an Amber glow. Born in the city of Banaras, the city of rich weaving traditions, lead to Amber natural trajectory. Growing up between pails of color swirls of silken skeins Amber trained at his father’s workshop. Training at Atelier Malhas and interning at Armani Privee he earned a design degree from INSTITUTO di MODA BURGO, Milan, Italy. Armed with high technical skill meshed with inherent sensitivity Amber exploded innovatively and animatively onto the fashion scene of Middle East.

His spirited sparks were visible off his fashion ramps; Abu Dhabi Fashion Week and Dubai International Fashion Week- earning him a niche with the chicest celebrities winning critical acclaim from the regional fashion media. Amber’s style signature struck the balance between commercial viability and creative futurism.

Unlike other designers who work with paper patterns, Amber works with draping and seamless sowing techniques, giving an uncommon identity -a touch of eastern elements. His innate fashion ideology believes that fashion quintessentially has a social definition by design, refuting fashion as entertainment Amber feels that his creativity should be contributing factors to the development of cultural identity.

Pictures from the Ramp:






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