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  • Kinara Video Making Memories by Shahzad Aslam

    Kinara Video Making Memories by Shahzad Aslam

    Dear aadeez Thanks for liking the video of Kinara. Here is a list of some happening during the video making of Kinara. We were actually not having any specific plan to shoot this video but what ever happened in there was random. Normally on tours we are fully equipped with High definition cameras to record […]

  • Striking the right cods – Akash The Band Interview with Maha Javeria Ahmad

    MAHA JAVERIA AHMAD talks to Akash about their music and upcoming project After rocking the local charts with the release of their album Aks, the band has been very busy making videos, performing live in concerts, composing and producing music. They have already released it in the USA and will soon be releasing it in […]

  • Review: Turning up the heat on the Lux Style Awards

    Review: Turning up the heat on the Lux Style Awards

    In terms of high voltage drama, this year’s Lux Style Awards went up in flames as Shaan and Iman Ali went head to head on stage, Ali Azmat sparked off distaste with his crass sense of humour and short circuiting sent out smoke signals from an actual backstage fire

  • Ali Azmat Is Not Dead by Madeeha Syed

    The last Ali Azmat gig I attended was a Junoon concert sometime in 1998 at the Alliance Fran├žoise in Karachi. Needless to say, I was pushed around, got an accidental bonk on my head from the danda of a policeman who was supposed to be a part of the security arrangements and saw people doing […]

  • Salman Ahmed Performs in Kashmir By RamEEz and Ayesha

    Music is one of the most incredible weapon through which a powerful message can be delivered with ease and without harming anyone. John Lennon, Bob Dylan, U2, The Clash, Michael Jackson and many others have used music as a medium to talk about World Peace. This has become a practice these days. United Nation has […]