Striking the right cods – Akash The Band Interview with Maha Javeria Ahmad

Sam from Akash Band
Sam from Akash Band

MAHA JAVERIA AHMAD talks to Akash about their music and upcoming project

After rocking the local charts with the release of their album Aks, the band has been very busy making videos, performing live in concerts, composing and producing music. They have already released it in the USA and will soon be releasing it in UK and India. “We are doing our international shows; soon we will be staging our concerts in Dubai, UK, Norway and USA,” Akash revealed while talking to this scribe.

Inspired by Junoon- Akash always wanted to pursue singing as a career, thus wanting to create his own band. Talking about the formation of the band Akash said “Miki – my childhood friend, Kenny – was my neighbour and Fiz joined us later. Music has been my interest and I would like to focus on it.”

Recently, The Ryan Foundation and Indian council for cultural relations organized a tour to India where they performed four concerts (3 in Delhi and 1 in Punjab) that consisted of an audience above 3500 in each show. They organized their tour for the youth and people of different age groups who had listened to Akash through different means such as the television, internet, radio, etc. All of their shows were performed solo except for one, which they played with a Delhi based band ‘Rock for Peace.’ As they set the ball rolling with their popular hit, Ji Liya, Aaj Phir, and Armaan followed by The Teen Char Song, and My last Breath. Apart from the songs from their own album Akash performed We will rock you, Dosti, Lal meri, Pal, Rock on, Boom Boom and Dil se – Rock Version. The audience found themselves getting into the swing of things. Live rendition of songs with great drumming and guitar work, Akash was at its best, wooing the crowds effectively. Akash, it seems, knows how to strike the right cords with the audience. The best performance was at the 9th International Children’s Festival of Performing Arts. The crowd response was incredible.

The band could not perform much in Pakistan because of deplorable security situation throughout the year. “We had 2 shows in December for MUMBAI but because of the situation between both the countries, we didn’t think it would have been possible to perform. I believe we all are one and if music can bring us both countries together then, we can rock, ” Akash said.

For Akash being passionate and loyal to the music is more important than to get popularity. The band currently is working on four new videos. ‘Wait and watch’ is all Akash has to say about the upcoming videos. Their second album contains 14 tracks; it is under the procedure of recordings. Though 70% of the work has been completed, yet the album is due within a couple of months. Koi Tou Ho, Nindiya, Thunda kar yar and Ronay do are the tracks to watch out for in this album.

In addition to being a vocalist, Akash has his hands dipped in direction as well as the productions of other bands. Another thing that Akash is credited for is his dedication to create music for various subjects, e.g. Akash has also composed music for Waqt News Channel for its main theme, headlines, promos etc.

Akash’s music is also legally available on some of the biggest music networks like I-tune, YouTube and many others.

“I don’t really think about my achievements because this makes the person weaker. As you keep thinking about it, you can never proceed further. For this reason I would want all my fans to love Akash – The Band as they have always because we will keep our music Loud and Clear!” Akash said.






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