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Coke Studio Season4 – Episode3 [Download]

Coke Studio journeys through time with episode three, presenting genres and artists that cover a cross section of music that is representative of generations of listeners. Through a set of performances it outlines a history – presenting samples of music that capture the essence of an era – from the diversity of music that defines the present to flavours from the recent history of contemporary music and on to the sounds that are a part of our heritage.

Free Coke Studio CD vs Free JosH’s Beyond The Kismat CD

Coca-Cola the company itself has started giving away a free Coke Studio CD, of the last 3 seasons. Just buy two 1.5 liters of Coca-cola bottles you will see the CD attached to the new packing of two bottles together. The Coke Studio content is always free to download for everyone on their official website, but people who like to have collection of good music CD’s then they have this opportunity to grab the coke studio CD.

Coke Studio Season4 – Episode2 [Download]

Coke Studio’s second episode presents a whole new palette of genres and artists and conveys yet another kaleidoscopic view on the diversity of music in Pakistan. The Coke Studio journey continues with a selection of fusion songs that pay tribute to the unique and enduring traditions of classical, folk and qawwali music, side by side with modern compositions by popular contemporary artists.

Experience Episode 1 of Coke Studio’s Musical Voyage!

(Pakistan, 16 May 2011) Coke Studio’s journey continues into its fourth season this year with their first episode airing 22 May 2011. While revealing an ever-widening range of musical influences and styles, enhancing perceptions and enriching relationships with music, Coke Studio’s first episode for the season will represent a unique cross-section of musical diversity in …

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Checkout What Rohail Hyatt has to say on Coke Studio’s Season 4

Every season of Coke Studio is a journey into the exploration of our musical traditions. Perhaps the two things that will stand out this time are the influence of classical music and our attempt to fuse it with modern instruments, and our venture into Balochi music and rhythms. Balochi music is not like any other music in our country, and that allowed for some interesting experimentation to take place. Checkout complete interview only on J4JUMPY.NET

Coke Studio Season4 – Episode1 [Download]

Coke Studio embarks on its fourth season with a heightened awareness of the invisible depths of the musical foundations upon which it stands. Expanding on the experiences of the previous three seasons, Coke Studio now continues along the path of self-discovery with a fresh perspective on the scale of diversity – of music, poetry, cultures and languages – that exist in Pakistan. Download complete episode only on J4JUMPY.NET

Coke Studio – Season Three – Episode 5 [Realisation] Audio Video Download

In its fifth episode for 2010, Coke Studio’s annual voyage concludes with the spirit of ‘Realisation’. Coke Studio’s third edition revolved around the intricacies of inspiration, creation and evolution, and the process of discovery as the elements of reason, will and resolve come together to culminate in the Realisation of dreams and goals. The last episode ‘Realisation’ is an acknowledgment of this process. Download complete episode only on WWW.J4JUMPY.NET