Hotstepper of the Week: Bunto Kazmi

Bunto Kazmi

She’s been the talk of the town every shaadi season for the longest time and has historically shied away from both publicity and photo shoots. And now she’s taking that big step forward towards stocking at a store (Ensemble) and showing her creations on the ramp and the showing tomorrow. That Bunto Kazmi, one of Pakistan’s most iconic designers, is getting ready for prêt augurs well for the future. It will mean that the quality will go up.

The quality of work that senior designer are capable of producing remains largely unmatched by the newer ones. The embellishment is finer, the work more intricate. Most newer designers are looking for shortcuts and when they do that, they often lose the craftsmanship that has long been the hallmark of a jora. So here’s to the old guard seeking to make a new place for themselves in the rising sun of prêt.

Hats off to Bunto Kazmi, the most elusive designer on our fashion scene for having the courage to reinterpret tradition and step out on to the catwalk. This is doing to be one hot step, and we are dying to see it.





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