Meera Is Leaving Lollywood Permanently

Pakistan’s scandal queen Meera has decided to leave Lollywood permanently. She has also returned the advance of 50 lac to the producers with whom she was supposed to work.

According to Meera, she does not want to be associated with Lollywood anymore and now will work with different production houses other than Lollywood. Meera is quite serious about her decision and seems to follow the footsteps of Reema Khan in getting married and Veena Malik in leaving Lollywood.

But Meera says that Reema Khan and Veena Malik had actually followed her. Reema Khan started production looking at Meera whereas Veena Malik led to Bollywood after Meera.

Meera will soon be seen in upcoming Bollywood film ‘5 Ghantey mein 5 Crore’.

We wish Meera best of luck for her future out of Lollywood.






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