Will Veena Malik put a ring on it?

Wedding bells are ringing for actor and comedian Veena Malik now that her Prince Charming has arrived from the US.

Veena Malik is a successful comedian and actor who won kudos for her impersonations of Pakistani politicians. PHOTO: PUBLICITY
Veena Malik is a successful comedian and actor who won kudos for her impersonations of Pakistani politicians. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

Confirming the news during a press conference, Malik’s father told reporters that the wedding has been postponed owing to Malik’s busy schedule.For now, she is not tying the knot with Faisal Akbar, son of Major Akbar Khan. Instead an engagement ceremony will take place on June 7 in Islamabad.

Both the families have invited only close associates at the event, which will be held at a local hotel.

Malik’s father also denied Babrak Shah’s claims that he had married Veena Malik two years ago.

“If he has married my daughter, he can show me legal proof of it and take her with him,” he said.

Malik, who was also present at the press conference, said, “I met Faisal.

He is 33 and runs a business dealing with petroleum. He is a nice person and has no issues with me pursuing my showbiz career after marriage.”

Malik later said that although she will be moving to US, she will spend most of her time in Pakistan to pursue her career.

“I will marry with my parents’ choice. They had been asking me to marry Faisal for a long time but earlier I could not give the matter enough thought due to my busy schedule.”

“Now that the engagement date has been decided, the date of our wedding will be finalised next year,” said Malik.

Babrak Shah has not laid claim to Veena Malik since the press conference, and neither has cricketer Mohammad Asif.

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[Source: tribune.com.pk]


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