Zara Sheikh: modelling first, acting later

Lahore: Think of #Zara-Sheikh and the first image that comes to mind is the stunning, traffic-stopping billboard she graced for Mobilink Jazz.

Since then, the model has acted in several hit movies including Tere Pyar Mein and Salakhein. The Express Tribune talks to Sheikh about her personal and professional life.

Zara Sheikh
Zara Sheikh

What are your future plans and what projects are you working on at the moment?
Right now I am acting in a British film based on the lives of people from different ethnicity and cultures in Britain. My role in the movie is very important and I accepted it because I found a lot of potential in it. The movie is being completed and will be released in the next few months. In the future, I plan to concentrate on my modeling projects since I have a lot of offers from various companies.

Many Pakistani film actors are working in Indian movies.
Why haven’t you opted for it? The truth is that I have never been offered a big and strong role from #Bollywood. I do not want to do an ordinary role just for the sake of making an appearance in #Bollywood. If I get a strong role, I would go for it but I do not want to do a ‘show piece’ type of role.

Any plans to work in the Pakistani film industry?
Unfortunately, the working atmosphere in #Lollywood isn’t very good. When I entered the film industry I found it very different from modeling. I have done good movies but right now I don’t think that I would do any film unless it has a good script and is different.

What was your first modeling assignment?
My first modeling assignment was for Jazz. I would like to clear the misconception that I got the highest amount ever paid in Pakistan for that advertisement. I was not paid such a big amount for it.

Any plans to get married?
I am in search of the suitable person (laughing). But I have not seriously started any search. In fact, I feel this is the most boring thing to do.

What do you think makes a happy couple?
Aaaah. I think they should be mentally compatible and look good together. I saw #Sania-Mirza and #Shoaib-Malik on television recently and I really liked them. They quite suit each other.

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    man!!! did u guys knw bout this … Ash cut short her vacay for this movie ‘Raavan’.. ohh my gawd!!! she is super-excited .. check her out

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