Interview: Cheapmunks

Cousins Mehak Taherani and Suhana Baloch shot to fame when they posted a duet on Facebook in September 2010. Their unique sound immediately caught the attention of thousands of unsuspecting Pakistanis. By harmoniously syncing their voices to render a fusion of eastern and western melodies, these 20-year-olds have found a niche that caters to the taste of the country’s modern youth. They seem to have music running in their blood and also seem destined to scale new heights in music. Their studies, though, will take first priority.

Story Of Afzal Khan The Pakistani ‘Rambo’

Afzal Khan aka Jan Rambo, primarily a stage actor, got his big break through PTV’s Islamabad production “Guest House” and marked his television debut by playing a sweeper in the popular TV series. The actor got his nickname because of his striking resemblance to Hollywood’s Sylvester Stallone who took on the iconic role of John Rambo, and the rest as they say is history.

Interview: Did Salman get in touch with you for Junoon 20?

He sent me emails, but I didn’t reply. There are some issues between me and him. I don’t want to associate my name with Junoon anymore because he has used false marketing. Fans are calling me saying why weren’t you there? People call me and say ‘you’re in breach of contract; you didn’t appear for the show.’ For him it’s a cash cow—he can do whatever the hell he wants but it doesn’t make it right. His reaching out, it seems like a commercial need. I’d rather do something for the music. They’re flogging a dead horse. If you bring a band back it has to be for great music and that’s it.

Interview with model Mahin Hussain

She’s quirky, fun and flamboyant in an effortless way. The fact that she lives in Karachi (a city which can never look beyond black, white and beige as epitomes of sophistication) just adds more to accessory designer Mahin Hussain’s charm. She is a hot favourite amongst the fashion coterie, who love her bags for the loud and funky statement they make. Not only has Hussain made colour fun, she has also introduced a ‘pop-art’ take on going green ala Pakistan and cool patriotism like no other.

Ayaan – May Be The Next Top Model of Pakistan?

In an industry that’s rife with camps and jealousies, Ayaan is clear that her allegiances lie everywhere … and nowhere. “I’m an all-rounder and have done everything from print to commercials to shows,” she says. “I’m a freelancer and have worked with all the photographers and they all give me work so I don’t like to take just one name and offend others,” says Ayaan

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