Sania Mirza All Set to Rock Pakistani TV Channels

After gigantic wedding coverage, #Sania-Mirza is going to be on Pakistani TV channels again, but this time she will be charging for her appearances.

Sania Mirza
Sania Mirza

Reportedly, #advertising agencies of Pakistan are busy doing consumer research for their clients to calculate the returns, reported Economic Times.

Paper in its recent report said that Sania’s acceptability ratio is high amongst Pakistani corporations and the young mind.

Back in India Sania successfully branded many products but recent inconsistent form and marriage controversy has depleted her brand value amongst the advertisers in India.

However, this is not going to be the case on this side of border, where companies like Habib cooking oil, Malaysian Palm, #Mobilink and #Ufone, all have already jumped on congratulatory bandwagon welcoming Sania bhabhi with hoardings.

Of course agencies are going to combat for first appearance advantage of #Sania-Mirza for their clients, so let’s see who is going to win the chase.


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