Sajid and Zeeshan to releasing their second album “The Harvest”

LAHORE – The refined two-man band from Peshawar, made up of singer-songwriter and guitarist Sajid Ghafoor and keyboardist and music producer Zeeshan Parwez, is releasing their second album The Harvest on September 10. While talking to Pakistan Today, Zeeshan Parwez unveils what listeners should expect from their album.

Being an exclusively English act, one could expect that the band’s sound gratifies the musical-thirst of a small niche that comprises of the English-speaking elite youngsters. But owing to the fact that the band comes from Peshawar where people visualize bombs going off here and there and women concealed in birdie burqas, the band’s expression of individuality in a foreign language not only seems commendable but also challenges the skewed societal norms and stereotypes that infest Peshawar.

The pioneers of acoutica and alternative guitar-fusion in Pakistan, Sajid and Zeeshan have signed up for their second album with The Musik Records. The two-man band that has shouted out against corporate sponsorship from the very start of their career in 2004, with King of Self lyrically and visually aiming at emphasising how corporate sponsorship destroys art, still stays true to its sound as seen in their latest video Walk on Air. Zeeshan Parwez, disclosed that the album The Harvest was an 80-minute album with a total of 16 tracks which included an intro and two instrumentals. He said that the band had been working on the album for more than two to three years but other projects such as Coke Studio and Uth Records delayed the release to September 10.

While Ali Azmat and Laal were seen satirizing the political scenario of the country in their latest videos, Sajid and Zeeshan were seen stressing the importance of nurturing oneself and progressing forward while walking on air, raised above the ground. “We do not touch political themes in our lyrical content. The audio will persist to comment on individuality but I would not mind considering making a politically-laden video for one of the tracks in the album,” said Zeeshan. Not riding the political bandwagon, the duo explains that the themes in the album revolve around distinctiveness, memories and different situations of life.

“People should expect the same acoustics meets alternative guitars sound. But I have grown as a music-producer and the experiments that I did with our sound in Coke Studio helped me learn so people with observe a more mature synth-sound in this album,” Zeeshan said while expressing what people should expect from the new album. What’s left to see now is how Sajid and Zeeshan would reap the Harvest after 4 years of sowing and synthesizing.


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