I’m a focused dreamer: VJ Faizan Haque

VJ Faizan Hauqe (MTV Pakistan)
VJ Faizan Hauqe (MTV Pakistan)

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Born to a literary family, I'm a focused dreamer and filmmaker nursing serious Hollywood ambition. Once set to attend film school at NYU (Tisch), I had to drop the entire idea owing to my family's sudden financial hardship. While i tried to procure a scholarship/aid package to go the next term. If you were not a vj,what job would you be doing? I'd have gone to racing school at 18 and been in this years F1 title chase If you could be an animal for a day,what would you be? Celebrity Tiger What is your favourite tune nowadays? New toons every day Pizza or Nihaari? Nihaari What is your favourite line from a movie? Lawrence: It?s a good thing I?m pretty much of an Olympic sexual athelete Michael: Yes I suppose these days you are concentrating more on the sprints than on the long distance stuff Lawrence: Not so dear boy, I?m in the pink of condition. I could copulate for England at any distance Michael: Well, as they say in the Olympics, it?s not the winning. It?s the taking part that counts (Lawrence Olivier and Michael Caine in Sleuth) What do u have for breakfast? Nothing. But then I have both lunch and dinner twice 3 things you can t live without would be.... The automobile, muslim shower and electricity Life is....... different things to different people Whats your favourite bedroom line? I didn't know people had bedroom lines Elvis or Nusrat fateh ali khan? Neither is my absolute all time favourite, but I love em both Whats your favourite holiday destination? Would probably be something lakeside, in Iceland, Sweden or the Kiwi fjords Where do you see yourself in 5 years? At a high point, as a man Things that turn you off would be...... Lots of things like dishonesty, the need to demoralise others, social climbing and cruelty to the helpless (includes animals), snakebite, discovery of what?s shallow to me, bad breath, blackheads and whiteheads, grey cracks, poor brakes, heart-attack, a penchant for Peter Andre, crap taste in movies and people, fake accent, detectable lies, one-upwomanship, bad food, people who're disrespectful towards servants, elders, strangers and children, man's readiness to shun principle for profit and favor; neediness, nepotism, people-talk, too much thinking about bags and jewelry, superficiality, ? Things that turn you on would be...... Comfortable silences, simplicity, rain, cleanliness, laughter, 730hp and 1300NM of torque, a show of character, a bravura performance, scientific genius, maternal instincts, nature, cold weather, a good photograph that takes me somewhere, or a film, song, book, article, scribble, knowledge of music, reveries, the dawn of friendship, brabus badge, feet, glutes, memories, energy, vision, integrity? If you had access to a time machine which era would you revisit? the world post nuclear holocaust, when all the men have died Whats the best thing about being an MTV host? Its better than being any other kinda host What would you spend your first million on? The home, supercar, hi-fi and mo' better food Which part of body/face would you change, if you could? I'd beef up the backside Coffee shops or Dhabaas? Coffe shops. Though i'm not a big fan of coffee and dessert What do you think on the latest development of cell phones on airplanes. Terrorists will have the option of calling their boss to say they quit! Which superstar do you envy the most? Ayrton Senna What do you think this country needs the most? Not democracy
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