Exclusivley Luanching The Band “13” with debut song Bulandyan

Introducing Band "13"
Introducing Band"13"

Click here to download “Bulandyan” (debut song)

Click here to download “Mujhey – demo”

Who is ’13’?
’13’ comprises of Faraz Ahmed, Ian Eldred and Wahaj. All three of them bring a similar yet distinct approach to their music, based on idealism, pragmatism and mysticism. Their music is experimentive yet understands consumer tastes and concerns at the same time. Taking a piece-meal approach to the crafting of their music, ’13’ allow people to enjoy new unequivocal sounds yet at the same time make a sincere effort not to alienate their listeners.

Ian Eldred:- (Vocals and bass)
Irish by descent, Ian has been an active musician in the underground music locale in Lahore, playing with a variegated range of band’s and musicians as a session bassist.
He is a summer graduate from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and is currently pursuing a British Law degree. His passions besides music are Philosophy, literature, politics and jurisprudence.

Wahaj:- (Vocals/Rhythm Guitars)
Wahaj has been involved in the underground scenes a faire for over five years, playing with a varied range of bands, from Punk Rock to Soft-core ballads such as, Azaish, Newyork Reflections and Myle. He has performed at art venues all across Pakistan and he brings with him an important urban flavour to 13’s music. Wahaj is currently studying at Punjab University and his passions beside music are drawing, dramaturgy and graphic designing.

Faraz Ahmed:- (Lead Guitar, Vocals)
Faraz has been vigorously entrenched in the Lahore underground locale for the last ten years playing with a wide range of acclaimed local bands such as The Trip, Mekaal Hasan and international artists like Heather Schmid (https://www.heatherschmid.com). He received sterling accolades from music critics during his live sessions with Noori where he was hired by them as a session lead guitar player for their live acts. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Monash University in Australia where he also played as a session musician for a wide range of Rock bands in Melbourne as well as receiving a master’s degree in Business Administration from the Lahore School Of Economics. He is a guitarist that is known not only for his technical virtuosity, but also for possessing a creative and resourceful approach to music making. His passions beside music are Politics, dialectics and the study of comparative religions.

Concept of the Song Bulandiyan by ’13’
Bulandiyan focuses on the youth to enhance its vision and morale. It is an inspirational song which motivates the youth to realize the importance of achievement in life and that nothing is impossible with performance. Bulandiyan is like a medicine for the youth where it provides them with the sense of being able to analyze alternatives and achieve the solution within them. It also gives them a message to brainstorm ideas to find their destiny.

Roshni aur Manzil

Dil kay Ainay may daikho

Rastay to aur bhee hain

Inn ko azma ka daikho

Choo lo Bulandyon ko

Aasman ki

Paar laga do tum iradon ko

Dunya aur manzil

apni aankhon say daikho

aur Badlo


Dil kay ainay may daikho

Choo lo Bulandyon ko

Aasman ki

Paar laga do tum iradon ko





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  1. degroote gerrit Avatar
    degroote gerrit

    hi, i am frombrussels europe and would like to find some live band performances in lahore, can you tell me where to look as its hard to find anything at all

  2. Halima Avatar

    i loved the demo a lot. The idea behind the band sounds very nice. I hope they can live upto it.

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