Annie’s new album – Feb 3rd 2011 Update

LAHORE: Her debut song “Mahiyaa” may have created ripples and been taken in an Indian film but pop singer Annie Khalid claims Pakistan is her top priority.

Annie talks about her upcoming album. PHOTO: FILE

Speaking at a press conference about her future plans here in Lahore on Monday she said, “I am patriotic and Pakistan comes first.” She said, “I am going to collaborate with Pakistani legends for different projects and the one thing that I am going to do is to make as many videos of my songs as possible.”

The singer was accompanied by her father Dr Khalid and her new manager Faisal Khan who has replaced Raj Symons. Speaking about her recently released album Kya Yehi Piyar Hai, she said, “Previously, I couldn’t share the news of its release with the media for a number of reasons but now I am sharing it with them. I am shooting videos in Spain as well as some other locations and will release a video in the next few weeks.”

She said that her song “Be My Baby” had been mixed by one of the world’s best deejays, Judge Jules and was placed No. 8 on the UK charts.

When asked whether she was singing for Indian films, Khalid replied, “I had several offers but I didn’t confirm any and right now I am not doing any songs for any Indian films. Working in Pakistan is my first priority.”

The singer added that after the floods in Pakistan she was appointed goodwill ambassador for the Red Cross in Pakistan. “I gathered Rs70 million for flood relief activities and all the proceeds from “Be My Baby” are also going to the flood relief activities.”

Khalid’s album Kya Yehi Piyar Hai has ten tracks on it and has been released by a private company in Pakistan.



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