Interview: Cheapmunks

Cousins Mehak Taherani and Suhana Baloch shot to fame when they posted a duet on Facebook in September 2010. Their unique sound immediately caught the attention of thousands of unsuspecting Pakistanis. By harmoniously syncing their voices to render a fusion of eastern and western melodies, these 20-year-olds have found a niche that caters to the taste of the country’s modern youth. They seem to have music running in their blood and also seem destined to scale new heights in music. Their studies, though, will take first priority.

Rahat Fateh Ali khan – Mere Chara Gar OST Geo Tv (Video & Lyrics)

Mere Chara Gar by Rukhsana Nigar Adnan is a terrific social reformal novel with a high moral lesson. Its a story of very common issues in family system of Pakistan. Its a story of some youngsters who fall prey to the false pride of their elders. The novel beautifully and expertly covers many other social and family problems we face in our day to day life, leading character of this novel is also one of the many victims of this and her simple life became miserable by one bad harsh decision of her family elders.

Promotional campaign of Khamosh Raho: Detail review

best. Leaving the talks about movie’s promotional budget far behind, not at least a proper trailer of Khamosh Raho came out on internet which now has become one of the most vibrant means of film promotion, and the only thing that people got to see to make-up their mind to go and watch the movie were some song videos and that too not in good quality.

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