Coke Studio – Season Three – Episode 3 [Conception] Download

With ‘Reason’ and ‘Will’, Coke Studio 2010 re-enforced that it is diverse and in the third session ‘Conception’ broadens its horizons even further. ‘Conception’ follows the natural course of evolution, and arrives at that third crucial stage when the combining of reason and will lead to an idea taking tangible form. The third episode once again features traditional Sufi works alongside contemporary poetry and singers.

Download the complete #Coke-Studio-Season-3 here

  1. #Tina-Sani & #Arieb-Azhar – Mori Araj Suno – Download [Audio] [Video]
  2. #Meesha-Shafi – Chori Chori – Download [Audio] [Video]
  3. #Abida-Parveen – Nigah-e-Darwaishaan – Download [Audio] [Video]
  4. Aunty Disco Project – Sultanat – Download [Audio] [Video]
  5. #Sanam-Marvi – Pritam – Download [Audio] [Video]


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