Ji Lia (hip hop version) by Akash The Band – mp3 added

Akash The Band is back Hip-Hop version of their hit song “Ji Lia”

This song is included in USA and UK version of Akash album “AKS” plus a great news for all the Akash fans outh there that band is coming back with 3 brand new videos so we at Jumpy wish them very best of luck for their upcoming ventures.

Akash The Band Ji Lia Hip Hop Version Mp3

Click here to downlaod the Hip-Hop version of “JI LIA by Akash The Band”






6 responses to “Ji Lia (hip hop version) by Akash The Band – mp3 added”

  1. nash Avatar

    yar ya log pelaa pelaa kar mar dain gayy… baaaaaaaaaasss

  2. Murtaza Avatar

    i think you ppl are out of stock lol Kis nay Kaha tha aik album ma 2 darjan songs nekal do lolzzz NoBs

  3. abbas Avatar

    oye sam bhai
    yar iss song ko chorr dooo kue iss song ka remix warjan hai
    `khalia pii lia papsi bager samosyy`

  4. GuRu300 Avatar

    Aaalla hai yar………………its gud

  5. Mudi Avatar

    i think u ppl should work on some new stuff lv this song now

  6. Nasir Avatar

    Is song ji kitni dafa ragro ga bhai buss kar do

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