YTH – Main Akayla Hu [Download Audio]

Artist: #YTH
Song: Main Akayla Hu [Download Audio]

About YTH Band:
“Y.T.H” The upcoming PAKI Band, that insists on setting feelings above mere technique and creating a genre out of diverse western Pop/Rock and eastern classical influences, fusing deeply meditative ragas with rock and jazz.

Y.T.H is a Pakistani Rock music group comprising three members.
-Yahya Butt (Vocalist)
-Talha Dar (Guitarist)
-Hashim Malik (Former Lyricist / Guitarist)

The name Y.T.H is an abbreviate of Yahya, Talha and Hashim. Y.T.H began in 2008; Hashim Malik and Talha Dar were the founding members, who decided to put their heads together as they realized that their musical ideas and tastes were identical. They developed several tracks together, but lacked a quality vocalist. Meanwhile, Yahya Butt who had been a casual singer had happened to drop into same college. Yahya’s vocals so impressed the duo that Yahya was signed up with Hashim and Talha to form the band “Y.T.H”.

Y.T.H encompasses hybrid styles of exquisite melodies and everlasting Pop/Rock instrumentation, hence carving out a special niche for the three. The three collaborators of the band consider their debut song “Main Akayla Hu” as a labor of love as well as a message of hope to all.





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