Xulfi from Call Band ties the knot

Lahore: Xulfi J Khan, also known as Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan, has tied the knots with Wajeeha Badar, commonly known as Jiya who is also a graduate of PIFD (formerly: PFDC).

Xulfi, who was considered to be the backbone of Entity Paradigm [eP] back in the days, currently composes and plays for Call. This will be a love marriage since Xulfi has been dating the lady for a while. Jiya has also starred in Jal‘s “Ik Din Aye Ga” which was also directed by Xulfi and released back in 2006. Well, that explains that they have been dating for a while.

Another funny fact, as pointed out by a friend, is that the song “Dhadke Jiya” from the Bollywood’s “Aaloo Chat” was in fact dedicated to Jiya. If you can recall the lyrics, that’s how the song goes

Yehi duaaaaaa
Yunhi sadaaaaaa hoohooooo
Tere lyeeeee
Dharke Jiyaaa
Dharke Jiyaaa

Though the Nikkah Ceremony took place nearly 2 weeks ago, the Barat ceremony will take place on 1st of October. We wish the happy couple best of luck.





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