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  • Live, breathe, sleep Junoon

    Live, breathe, sleep Junoon

    LAHORE – The trio was the heaviest thing that the Pakistani youth had ever come across. The hard, electric guitar riffs had sunk their talons in the minds of confused, angsty youth. Ali Azmat’s voice – oozing with power and machismo, but tinged with a haunting and yearning at the same time – crooned away songs of heartbreak, and belted out anthems of revolt against authority; Brian O Connell (a unique phenomenon of being a foreigner in a Pakistani band), a plucked placidly at his bass strings, cool as a cucumber, but producing some of the most solid bass-lines, while Salman Ahmed, who had once upon a time played for the Vital Signs, fiercely churned his guitars, almost to ear deafening level. It was an impeccable combination of gritty Pakistani rock – actual rock.

  • Ayaan – May Be The Next Top Model of Pakistan?

    Ayaan – May Be The Next Top Model of Pakistan?

    In an industry that’s rife with camps and jealousies, Ayaan is clear that her allegiances lie everywhere … and nowhere. “I’m an all-rounder and have done everything from print to commercials to shows,” she says. “I’m a freelancer and have worked with all the photographers and they all give me work so I don’t like to take just one name and offend others,” says Ayaan

  • Article: Ali Zafar From ‘Channo’ to charity

    Article: Ali Zafar From ‘Channo’ to charity

    KARACHI: Our music industry’s blue-eyed boy has done it again! It is nothing related to Jhoom, his latest album, nor its songs and videos. It’s all about Ali Zafar being in the headlines and creating ripples not only on the Indian shores but on his country’s soil too.

  • Love in the time of Slackistan

    It’s mid afternoon in Kohsar Market’s Mocca Coffee and the temperature rises something fierce when the couple walks in looking frosty and unfrazzled; if looks could kill…

  • Pakistan’s emerging rap scene [Article]

    Rap has been called explicit, derogatory and sometimes uncouth, but its popularity worldwide is well documented. In Pakistan, with the rise of rappers such as Adil Omar, the country’s once hidden rap scene seems to be coming out of the shadows

  • Promotional campaign of Khamosh Raho: Detail review

    Promotional campaign of Khamosh Raho: Detail review

    best. Leaving the talks about movie’s promotional budget far behind, not at least a proper trailer of Khamosh Raho came out on internet which now has become one of the most vibrant means of film promotion, and the only thing that people got to see to make-up their mind to go and watch the movie were some song videos and that too not in good quality.

  • Coke Studio: A trip through ‘Daanah Pah Daanah’

    “It was not a song but a revelation that came to me while I was sitting in Kalat, a city which once held the throne of Balochistan,” Zahri told The Express Tribune. It was at a tailor shop in Quetta that the writer first heard a faqeer chanting the phrase “Daanah Pah Daanah” on a cassette player.

  • Bol’s Music Failed to Attract Masses

    Bol’s Music Failed to Attract Masses

    Everyone remembers Shoaib Mansoor’s rocking music for movie Khuda Ke Liye but this time the music he released for upcoming movie Bol has unfortunately failed to attract masses.

  • Will Coke Studio move out of controlled environment?

    It is not about criticizing any positive thing happening in a country which is full of internal threats, but it is about raising the right point because we have seen quite enough of live music in the yester years and the same house band musicians have the capability of rocking a full house.

  • Coke Studio Episode 1 Review

    Coke Studio S03E01 Reason. If anything this episode could have been called reasons, purely because of the reasons to watch it. As I’ve said before, Abida Parveen and Arif Lohar are huge reasons why Coke Studio 3 will be nothing short of epic.