Lolywood: Pakistani Cinemas Seems Alive Again (Article/Report)

LAHORE/KARACHI Outside the dingy and old Metropole cinema in Lahore, for the first time in years, huge crowds showed up for the premiere of Pakistani films Bhai Log, Love Mein Ghum and Jugni. The quality and effort put in the films contributed to what the producers claim was a successful run for Pakistani films that were released this Eid. “We have not had this much rush in years,” commented Ashraf who works at the ticket sale office at Metropole cinema. “Most of our shows are selling out for the first time in years.”

Humaima Malick Talks about Revival of Pakistani Cinema

According to sweet and talented Pakistani model-cum-actress Humaima Malick, “The Pakistani film industry is finally undergoing a revolution and is emerging from the shadow of Bollywood”. While talking about her film ‘Bol’ to be released in India, she says, “I am extremely blessed to be a part of this revolution in the Pakistani film industry. Our country has witnessed many drastic changes in the film business, but thanks to some people, I can say that cinema in my country is finally taking shape”.

Reema invests life savings in ‘Love Mein Ghum’

Lahore – Pakistani actress Reema reveals she has invested her life savings on her upcoming film ‘Love Mein Gum’. While talking to Pakistan Today at an Iftar dinner hosted by NGO Innocent Child for needy children at SOS Children’s Village, she said that she had invested all her money and abilities on her upcoming project.

Juggan Kazim Makes No Impact in Khamosh Raho

At the premiere of her first Pakistani movie “Khamossh Raho”, Juggan Kazim did not receive the response she was thought of. Many of her invited friends were also not there to support her. Norway based producer Ghafoor Butt endeavors to revive Pakistani cinema taking this Canadian-Pakistani actress on screen failed to make any impact on viewers even many of them were not aware who the Juggan Kazim was.

Promotional campaign of Khamosh Raho: Detail review

best. Leaving the talks about movie’s promotional budget far behind, not at least a proper trailer of Khamosh Raho came out on internet which now has become one of the most vibrant means of film promotion, and the only thing that people got to see to make-up their mind to go and watch the movie were some song videos and that too not in good quality.

Slackistan: The banned and the beautiful (Article)

In a press release Director of the movie Hammad Khan said, “The censor board’s verdict is oppressive, arbitrary and steeped in denial about life outside their government offices.” Lucky for Slackistan, Cinepax’s “non-oppressive” policy for screening movies unavailable for wide-release, allows Facebook users to take an online poll; if enough people vote, the movie screens. This is exactly what happened.

Meera to appear in Big Boss 5

Big Boss reality TV show is very popular in India but most of the Pakistani doesn’t like the performance of the Pakistani actress Veena Malik in it. But now another Pakistani actress Meera is going to be the part of this show in season 5 (Big Boss five), this is what now Indian newspaper is saying.

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