Lollywood: Blast from the past! (Arif Lohar is Back)

Amidst all the glamour of Love Mein Gum’ ‘Slackistan’ ‘Khamosh Raho’ ‘Bolhitting the Pakistani film Industry, a blast from the past is like adding a flavor of cinnamon to Gulab Jaman!

Syed Noor’s Jugni Nachdi Ay is Arif Lohar’s comeback to the big screen. DESIGN: AMNA IQBAL

Yes, quintessentially Lollywood director Syed Noor brings folk singer Arif Lohar back into Lollywood with his new film, Jugni Nachdi Ay, which is all set to enthrall audience across the country.

The film is typically Lollywood, with a backdrop of a village, the film presents a love story between three men, who falls in love with a same girl, who is none other than Noor’s favorite Saima, and other cast includes Moammar Rana, Shaan and Arif Lohar, who plays the role of a folk singer.

Jugni Nachdi Ay will feature five item songs sung by Lohar including his Coke Studiohit “Alif Allah”. In one of the tracks, theater artist Nida Chaudhry will be featured in a Punjabi dance number, choreographed by Pappu Samrat.

Director Syed Noor believes that Saima’s presence in the film is a great addition to its superstar cast, while Lohar will make the film more entertaining for the audience.

The editing process of Jugni Nachdi Ay is scheduled to be finished by August 21, and according to the insiders, a press conference is expected to be held on August 25. The film will hit the theaters on Eid.


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