Download Mitti – ATROX (Melodic Metal Band)

ATROX – The Domain of the Evil and Fear – not only implies the name of our band but epitomizes a melodic thrash of sarcastic, skeptic poetry. It is the amalgamation of the fear and frustration of the insanity, hate and remorse that abides in this world. Fear, the devils child, rips at our souls and tears until we are no longer whole. It encompasses us, engulfs us and lurks within us all, as does the evil rampages about our souls. Our music is a creative and intense fruition of this dark truth of life, which we all hope and strive towards conquering.

Genre: Melodic Metal

Vocals: Raja Saad
Lead Guitars: Syed Luqman
Rythm/Alternative Lead Guitars: Ammar A. Ali
Bass Guitars: Ussayd Khan
Drums: Najeeb Aftab

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3 responses to “Download Mitti – ATROX (Melodic Metal Band)”

  1. burhan Avatar

    awsome guitars waisey! 😛

  2. burhan Avatar

    heard you guys are releasing another song???? 😀

  3. Mudi ( Alag) Avatar
    Mudi ( Alag)

    Good one keep itup boys!

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