Tanhayiyaan by Saad (debut track) – ECLUISVE LAUNCH

Artist/Singer: Saad
Song: Tanhayiyaan

Tanhayiyaan by Saad
Tanhayiyaan by Saad

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4 responses to “Tanhayiyaan by Saad (debut track) – ECLUISVE LAUNCH”

  1. saad aziz Avatar

    hello guys check my new song on http://www.risingsaad.com

  2. Adnan Avatar

    This is one guy who does something different everytime,
    I’ve seen him improvise in his music and InshaAllah someday
    he will achieve greatness, A good start and hope to hear more good songs from Saad… Regards Adnan…

  3. jeet Avatar

    This is a unique song by an ametur Pakistani new comer it gives an immense pleaase to see the potential of an young pakistani singer coming up…The talent is immense and i would really appreciate if Mr.Saad can come up with more of this kind of songs in future..all the best…

  4. Asad Anwer Zakaria Avatar

    song is good.. not bad for a start… heard saad earlier on youtube by someones recommendation… a god change is noticed in this song…

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